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5 Ways to Make Moving Over the Holidays Easy

Moving over the holidays? Good luck! No, really. It will all be fine, provided you have a plan and you have partnered with respected movers near you. Most people feel like moving over the holidays is a crazy time to do so, but sometimes, you just don’t have a choice. Check out these five ways to make the process easier.

1.    The Old Neighborhood: Celebrate the Holidays Early

Throw a double holiday party/farewell party all in one. If your house is a mess, what with all the boxes and everything, meet up with all the neighborhood friends and family at a restaurant of your choosing to share a meal, exchange gifts and take photos.

2.    For the Kids: Keep Familiar Items Around

From toys to comfort items, pack these things last and make sure they’re easily accessible so they’re the first things you unpack. In fact, get them involved in the process, letting the kids pack up their most treasured and precious items on their own and give them a sense of control.

3.    Create a Holiday-in-a-Box

Pack a clearly labeled container with all your holiday decorations so it’s easily accessible later. This way, you can make decorating the new house easy and stress free.

4.    Update Your Address

Make sure you update your address with friends and family so that they know where to send cards and where to visit.

5.    Participate in the New Neighborhood

Once you’re all moved in, keep an eye out for events, parties, parades and gatherings happening in your new community. The holidays are a time to get together, and there’s no better season to meet your new neighbors.

General Tips

Here are some general tips to keep in mind when moving over the holidays.

  • Keep one room decorated in your current home for as long as you can so as to enjoy the spirit of the season while transitioning.
  • When clearing items to make way for holiday decorations, put those everyday items directly into a packing box.
  • Come up with a budget and stick to it. Not only are the holidays expensive, but moving is too.
  • Toss as much as you can while packing so as to avoid more boxes than you care to move.
  • Purchase moving supplies early to avoid bare shelves during the holiday season. Everyone is looking for bags and boxes right now!
  • Ship gifts to your loved ones who live remotely.
  • Schedule the movers as soon as you have a move-in date. Everything will revolve around that.

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