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Appliance Preparation Tips for Moving

One aspect of moving that some people end up neglecting is the preparation of home appliances. The consequence? Defective appliances after the move itself.

While movers will generally take care of the heavier items, you can take on the preparation of other items too. Here are a few pointers to consider from our team here at Luke’s A+ Moving when packing your appliances before you move out:


Remember to be safe. Take note that your stove or range should be turned off even before cleaning and dismantling. Clean it meticulously from the inside out. Some ranges come with a built-in automatic cleaner. Run this several days before moving. It is also a good idea to tape up all the knobs.


Refrigerators need to be unplugged and thoroughly cleaned out at least a full 24 hours before your scheduled move. It is important to have it clean and dry to avoid mold and mildew build-up. Water lines from icemakers should be disconnected and drained completely.
Pack fragile items such as TV sets properly with lots of padding to avoid any damage during the move.


Dishwashers should not be operated a good day before a move. After the last wash, keep it open to make sure it dries out sufficiently. Take out utensil racks and store them separately. Tape up the dishwasher doors to prevent any untoward dings and dents.

The problem is that appliances may not arrive functional when you come ill prepared for the big move. Imagine sitting down to enjoy your favorite TV show after a whole day of redecorating, only to find out that the TV is broken. Remember to prepare them adequately so you won’t have to deal with damaged goods.

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