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What to Look for in the Perfect Neighborhood

Whether you’re moving across town, to the next state or halfway across the country, there’s one thing that’s for sure: you want a good neighborhood to call home. It’s a big deal to narrow down the city you want to move to, but an even bigger one to choose the perfect neighborhood to raise a family and set down roots.

While everyone looks for different things in a neighborhood, most people want something safe, spacious, and convenient yet far enough away from the hustle and bustle for some peace and quiet. But there are so many more factors that come into play.

Here are some considerations you should think about before beginning your search.

Ask the Experts

When searching for a new home, you have to rely on the expertise of people who are there to help you. Your mortgage expert and your real estate agent will both prove invaluable. They both want to hear about your goals and hopes for the future because they are there to assist you in locating your dream home.

Your mortgage expert will let you know exactly what you can afford based on your income, expenses and lifestyle. Your real estate agent will show you many potential neighborhoods within your price range and give you advice and guidance along the way.

Think about these questions:

  • What kind of home do I want? Single detached, duplex, townhouse or apartment?
  • What kind of neighbors do I want to interact with daily? Families, singles, professionals, couples or retirees?
  • What is important to me in a neighborhood? Stellar school system? Shopping close by? Great restaurants? Local coffee shop? Excellent gyms?


When looking for the right neighborhood, transportation is a big deciding factor. Make sure there are many public transit methods available to you. Is it close to the city, where taxis and buses are plentiful? Does the community have bike lanes you can use to cut down on emissions on the way to and from work? What about trains, subways and more?


If you have kids, this is one of the biggest factors of all. Consider the educational facilities in the town, asking yourself:

  • Will I need daycares and preschools?
  • Will I need after-school programs because I usually work late?
  • Do I need day camps in the summer?
  • Do I need elementary schools, high schools or colleges for my kids?


These are all the little things that make life more enjoyable and easier. From restaurants, and clubs to shopping malls and grocery stores, there are many things that make a particular neighborhood great. How far is your home to all of these things? Do you have young children who would love to visit the local park every day to play? Do your older kids need an outlet for after-school sports? If so, access to a recreational center would be ideal. If you are a young professional couple, you may prefer the convenience of living downtown closer to work.

By extension, you may want to choose an area that has plenty of recreational opportunities, such as:

  • Summer: cycling, golfing, sailing, hiking, canoeing
  • Winter: skiing, snowboarding, ice skating
  • Nature lovers: parks, beaches, pools and gardens
  • Indoor lovers: community centers, theaters, art galleries and museums
  • Events: festivals, fairs, concerts and sporting events

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