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When to Sell and Move Throughout the Year

As a resident of Dallas/Fort Worth, you know how nice the weather can be here year round. Unlike other areas of the country, there’s no real threat of horrendous snow storms that could wreak havoc with your moving plans. That said, extreme heat can throw a damper on your plans. That’s why if the heat of the summer (which easily hits 100 degrees and above) bothers you, avoid the peak summer months of June through August. Get it done in spring or fall, but skip over those brutal months. You will thank yourself later!

Spring: Time to Start Anew

In terms listing your home for sale, there are some months of the year that are better than others to do so. Spring has traditionally been an optimal time to put a house on the market. The weather is nice, houses are looking good and people are looking to make that fresh start. Real estate data reveal May and June as the months with the highest number of homes on the market. A spring listing makes it easier for families to purchase a new home before the summer ends so their children can be enrolled in their new school system in time for September. says 50% of homes are sold in spring and summer.

Challenges of the Holidays

The holidays are not the best time to sell your home, specifically the period from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. Why? People are preoccupied with budgeting for gifts, preparing meals, and entertaining family, and thus budgets are tight. Tensions can run high and most people prefer to be established in their home throughout the holiday season. Attempt to sell a home at this time and you may be hit with low-ball offers that don’t come close to your asking price. That’s why early November is a better time to sell. People are still in operational mode from the fall and want to get in a new home before the chaos of the holidays hits.

Studies reveal that home listings in early winter typically selling more quickly and obtain offers closer to asking price. Then, there’s another surge in mid-winter right around February when motivated sellers who are serious about getting out list their homes. Did you know that 74 percent of homes put on the market in February sold within 90 days, with 15 percent of those selling for higher than asking? Spring traditionally remains a popular selling time due to the relative nice weather and it ensures families will be in their new home by late summer.

Summer? Too Hot!

In many areas of the country, summer is an ideal time to move. The weather is warm and the kids are out of school. However, in a climate like Dallas/Fort Worth, summer can be unbearably hot. No one wants to be packing and lugging boxes in and out of trucks in the heat of summer unless they have to. If you’re considering moving in summer, plan most of your activity for the early morning and late afternoon to avoid the peak sun hours.

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