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11 In-Town Moving Tips for Grand Prairie

If you’re planning to move within the town of Grand Prairie, whether a couple streets over or the other side of town, you’ll need an experienced in-town mover to get you there. Just because you’re not moving far doesn’t mean you don’t have to prepare for the relocation like you would any other.

Home to 192,000, Grand Prairie is a great place to live. You should know – you may be moving but you’re staying within the limits of Grand Prairie. Here are some tips to get organized as you prepare for the big move.

1.  Sift Through Your Stuff

First step is to go through your belongings. No need to pack things that you don’t really use anyway. Use the “divide and conquer” method so you don’t get burnt out. Go room by room collecting piles of things you don’t want to keep. You can further divide those piles into “sell” and “donate.” The junk can just go right in the trash.

Donate items in good condition to Goodwill on Magna Carta Boulevard right in Grand Prairie. For items you think you can get some good money for, list them on Facebook Marketplace or hold a yard sale.

2.  Hire a Mover

Now it’s time to hire your local movers. Make sure the ones you consider have experience in in-town or local moves before you get quotes from them. Most movers base their quotes on the amount of people and hours it will take for the job. For the most accurate quote, make sure you let them know exactly how much stuff you have, and tell them about anything large or awkward that may take more time or money, such as moving a piano or some antiques.

They should give an in-home estimate anyway. This is the best way to know what you have as well as what the obstacles involved may be, such as tight stairwells and multiple floors. Be sure to ask if they offer packing services, as many full-service movers do. This will take some of the burden off your hands and ease the time crunch.

3.  Make a To-Do List

Lists make life better, and they make moves go smooth! As you probably already realize, there’s lots to prepare for with a local move. Don’t get overwhelmed…make a to-do list instead and check off items as you do them.

4.  Mark Your Calendar

Moving Day is the ultimate countdown. Mark your calendar or download a moving planning app. Check off lists and days as you count down to the biggest day of all: Moving Day.  There are many stages of planning involved, so when you set calendar reminders, you can keep better track of how much time you have left.

5.  Pick Up Packing Supplies

Pick up some free moving boxes at the liquor or grocery stores. If you have to pack any electronics, check to see if you have the original boxes. If so, it’s always best to pack things in the boxes they came in. Use newspaper, blankets and towels for filling in the gaps. You’ll also need tape, markers and labels.

6.  Update Utilities

As you approach moving day, be sure to alert the utility companies of your impending relocation. Call your Internet, cable, water, and electricity providers and let them know of the date. You’ll need to give them at least a week’s notice for changes in service. If the providers are the same in the new house, make sure they know to turn on service the day of your move.

7.  Forward Your Mail

Fill out a change of address form with the USPS so your mail can be forwarded to your new place in a timely manner. Sure, many bills can be paid online, but many important things still arrive by snail mail, such as wedding invitations and jury summons.

8.  Pack Small Things First

It’s best to pack in stages, starting with small and decorative items as well as items you don’t really need right now. Plus, when you start early, you can take your time to carefully pack and protect artwork, photos and vases.

9.  Make an “Essentials Box”

Chances are, your local move won’t have you displaced for long, but it’s still a good idea to create an essentials box for the first night in the new house. You don’t want to have to hunt around for your phone charger, baby wipes, prescription meds, your contacts, some toilet paper, or fresh underwear and PJs for the night. You may want to put the coffee pot in there too!

10.                Pack and Label Boxes

Pack by room or category. No need to sift through your winter clothes when you just want your toaster. Stick to one room at a time and put like items together. Clothing with clothing, shoes with shoes, small appliances with small appliances. You may even want to pack by drawer, such as in the kitchen. Place all spices in one box and all kitchen gadgets (scoopers, graters, apple slicers) in another.

Once you pack a box, slap a label on it that you have created on the computer or just write with a marker. Include an overview of the contents as well as the destination room.

11.                Make One Last Check

Now that Moving Day is finally here, all there is left to do is make sure the movers have easy access to all the boxes and items. Clear paths and remove obstructions so no trips or falls occur. Once all boxes are out and it’s time to leave, go through the house room by room. Check the outlets for chargers and every cabinet for stray items.

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