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Moving Services

At Luke’s A+ Moving Services, we can handle any type of move, including pre-booked and same-day jobs. Whether we’re doing a small apartment move or large office move, our method of moving guarantee’s to keep your belongings safe from beginning to end and ensure your furniture, walls, or doorways are never damaged in the process.

Our Transport Method

Prior to your move, we disassemble and quilt-wrap furniture and leather. We also shrink-wrap upholstery and furniture with movable pieces before it goes out the front door, and stays protected until placed at your new location. Shrink wrap is applied over quilt padding so contents, such as clothes and desk items, can remain in drawers (please remove glass and breakable items). We also lay floor runners and pad banisters to prevent damage to new floors, walls, and banisters.

Piano Moving Specialist

We are piano moving specialists. From upright to full size grand pianos we have the proper tools and equiptment for a safe transport. Pianos are properly disassembled, protected, and reassembled at your new location. We have the best piano moving services around.

Securing Gun Safes During Transport

To keep your gun safe protected, we attach it to an appliance dolly, which is rated to hold thousands of pounds. Your safe is secure in the move, and upon arrival, we bring it up or downstairs as needed. Bolted safes are not a problem.

Scheduling your interstate moving services throughout the US is easy with our Hurst, Texas moving professionals.
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