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Creative Ways to Announce You’re Moving

You’re excited about your impending move – why not share that excitement with everyone else? Whether you’re moving for love, education, or a new job, there are more creative ways to announce the relocation than just a phone call or face to face. Check out these creative ways to let people know you’re making a move while saving time without having to get in touch with everyone on your contact list.

Create Moving Announcement Cards

Similar to save-the-dates for weddings, moving announcements are quick cards that announce your upcoming move. You can make them as simple or as ornate as you want. You can even personalize them with a picture of you and your significant other or family along with a picture of your new house.

These cards are great for a couple of reasons. First off, they save you from having to call or text a million people with the details of your move and new address. Just send the cards to everyone you know and you’ll get peace of mind that you didn’t miss anyone. Secondly, the recipients can easily put the card on their fridge for an easy reminder of your new address and move-in date rather than having to hunt through texts and emails, or worse – follow up with you later when they realize they forgot your new address.

You can make the cards yourself with crafting supplies at home, order them online, or just pick up a bunch of generic cards and personalize each.

Go Digital

Of course, the easiest way to spread the news about your move is to send out e-cards. They’re usually free and they are much quicker than sending out traditional cards in the mail. No stamps required! This is a great choice if you forgot to make announcements and now you’re under a time crunch. The recipients get them instantly, and you have saved the day!

Make a Map

Make your announcement more interactive than a standard postcard by making it into a map. Whether moving a few towns over or clear across the country, print out a map and add a “We Are Here” visual for a creative, memorable touch. You may also want to include some landmarks around your home so people can make a connection.

A similar creative way to announce you’re moving is to create a puzzle card online and personalize it with a picture of your family or pets.

Create a Facebook Event Page

Using social media to your benefit is a very trendy thing to do right now. Many couples are using social media platforms for engagement announcements and even wedding invites. The immediate feedback you will get once you post your moving announcement is the main benefit of this platform. You’ll enjoy seeing the comments come rolling in as you reconnect with old friends and make connections with new ones. You can even include some photos or even a short video – perhaps a quick tour of your new house, or some footage of your family saying goodbye to the old one.

A Facebook event page is also great because you can add an invite to your housewarming party and people can RSVP right there. Use the page even after you move in to keep in touch with friends back home.

Film a YouTube Video

Why not create a series of videos that captures your excitement leading up to Moving Day? YouTube is a versatile platform that you can have a lot of fun with. Videos convey excitement much better than written text, so this may be a great option for you if you’re a very upbeat person who loves to try new things.

Get your family in on it, and grab a few friends too. Include funny moments during the packing process, such as your cat playing with an empty roll of paper, or your kids popping the bubble wrap. Be sure to adjust your privacy settings so only the people you approve of can see the videos.

Throw a Going-Away Party

Here’s another area where you can get creative. Come up with a guest list, a day and time, and a location (presumably the home you’re moving out of, but it can also be a favorite local hangout like a bar your friends all love). Limit the guest list to the closest friends and family. While you’ll certainly have fun during the party, it will likely be an emotional time as well, as you will want to spend your last night in the old place with people you truly care about.

You can couple the party with some paper moving announcements to hand out as they all leave so they have the pertinent info. Choose a party theme, play games and your favorite music, reminisce about the good old days, and have it catered so you don’t have to worry about cleanup. Don’t forget to make a farewell speech!

What to Include on Your Announcements

There are a few basic pieces of information you should include in your cards no matter what form they may take.

  • The full names of you and your household members.
  • Your current address as well as the new one.
  • Include your full postal address.
  • Let people know if the move is temporary or permanent.
  • Your moving date
  • Other contact details, i.e., cell phone number, email address, social media account.

Now that you have some creative ideas, it’s time to start working on them!

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