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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional Packers in Dallas

Dealing with a move in the Dallas area, plus trying to juggle work and family life, can be a challenge to say the least. How would you like to reduce the burden on your shoulders? You can, by hiring professional packers to box up your stuff.

This is a worthwhile option to consider for anyone facing a residential or commercial move. Who has the time and patience to pack up their own house? You have better things to do. By leaving these tasks up to the pro packers (remember, they pack up homes for a living and can do it 2X faster than the average person!), you’ll save time and a little sanity too.

Yes, you will pay extra for packing services, but in the end it will be money well spent. Check out these three reasons why you should hire professional packers in Dallas and beyond. Professional packers can…

1.    Save You Money

You may be getting hung up on the price of packing services, and honestly, many people fall victim to the same mentality. We get it, moving is expensive. But if you invest in professional packing now, you can avoid the damage and expense that can come with hastily and incorrectly packing your own belongings – especially your fragile items.

Packing services at Luke’s are priced at the same hourly rate as our regular moving services, so you’re not paying a premium. Pro packers save would-be DIY packers a lot of time, and as you know, “time is money”. If you have to take time off work to pack for moving, you’re not really saving money, are you?

2.    Offer Convenience

Professional packers will bring a variety of boxes in several sizes to ensure an accurate packing job. The right boxes will be sturdier than average boxes and are designed to prevent fragile items from being damaged during the ride. Sure, the price of a professional packing service may seem high at first glance, but just think about what the cost of replacing your valuables would be!

Most people choose any old box they can find, from old ones in the garage to ones they get from family to ones they find at the grocery store. But those cheap boxes are leaving your items vulnerable. The right boxes will ensure sturdy transport. Period.

3.    Make Sure Everything is Packed Correctly

There’s a right way to pack stuff and a wrong way. Pros do it the right way. They know how to pack dishes (standing up, not piled on top of each other), flat screen TVs, antiques, artwork, stemware, and furniture. They also bring all the supplies with them, such as bubble wrap, tape, blankets and dollies. 

Knowing your belongings are in the hands of experienced professionals every step of the way will ease your moving day stress.

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