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5 Essential Things to do After Your Move

What to do after your move.Moving to a new city is overwhelming. Even if exciting, it can give you a sense of disorientation and uneasiness as you find your place. With time, of course, you will overcome the initial shock, but post-move periods can be difficult in the beginning. This stress can be compounded when you aren’t sure what to do right after your state-wide move.

Heed these tips for a smooth transition:

1.  Organize Your Time

The post-move period begins the moment you step over the threshold of your new house. Right now, you may be feeling a bit of relief that the hard part of moving is over, yet you may feel building stress when you look around and see all the tasks yet to be done. Perhaps you had created a personal moving calendar and timeline when managing the actual move. Do something similar for the post-move period to organize and prioritize your time. You may want to tackle one room first, then move onto the next. Or, you may want to unpack the essentials for each room first, then go back and do the rest later.

Come up with a new to-do list that comprises all the tasks you must complete now that the relocation is over. From new home errands to scoping out the new school, get to work checking off those important tasks.

2.  Learn the Nuances of Your New Home

It’s important to get to know your new home step by step, as it’s unknown territory for you at this point. Look for any signs of pre-existing damage, inspecting pipes for leaks and searching for any signs of infestation. Most damage should have been caught by the home inspection, but sometimes things fall through the cracks. Make sure you know where the fuse box and the main water stop valve are in case of emergency. Record the readings of your water and electricity meters.

Go through the home and test all locks. Do any need to be replaced? How are the windows? If you have kids, make sure everything is adequately child-proofed. Make sure there are working smoke detectors installed, with fire extinguishers located on each floor.

3.  Change Your Postal Address

If you haven’t done so already, fill out a new address form at the post office or online. Call the utility companies to sign up for service. Be nice to the new owners of your previous home; give them a gift basket and ask them to forward your mail until the change of address takes effect.

4.  Register Your Children at School

Tour the local schools in your district. Get recommendations from friends, colleagues and neighbors. Go online and gather information on the schools you’re considering to check their track records. Speak with the principal and some teachers to get a better idea of what to expect. Make sure you have all the required documents and medical history forms in order to successfully register your child.

5.  Find Doctors

Finding a health care provider you trust can seem daunting but you’ll have to choose one quickly in case someone gets sick. Just like you did with the schools, do your research on area doctors and specialists: visit offices, ask for recommendations, check up on years of experience, etc.

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