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6 New Year’s Resolutions for the New Mover


Have you recently moved? Are you looking to start over with a clean, fresh slate? We have you covered. Check out these six New Year’s resolutions you can adopt as a new mover. And let Luke’s come with you for the ride!

1.  Recycle More

This one’s all about making a life change that will bring a positive benefit to the environment. As you pack for your new place, be sure to get rid of unnecessary items that carry little sentimental value. Instead of hauling your stuff to the dump, donate it or give it away to those who could use it. That old coat, worn chair or dusty book collection may make someone else very happy.

When buying stuff for your new house, think about picking it up for cheap at a thrift store or antique shop. Furnishing your new place with vintage, rustic and second-hand goods will save you money and help the environment.

2.  Manage Pre-Moving Stress

Planning a move is stressful, no doubt. You have a lot to do, such as registering your car, switching your utilities, changing your bank and notifying the post office of your new address. Rather than procrastinate, tackle that to-do list head on to save stress and hassle later. Update your address and map out where important offices are in your new town. This should include banks, town offices, DMV locations and post offices.

3.  Manage Post-Moving Stress

Once you have actually made the move, there will be a whole new set of stressors. The key is to maintain control. This means unpacking as soon as you arrive. You don’t have to get it all done in a day, but tackle the task methodically, one room at a time, until everything is in its place. You’ll have more room to walk around, plus you’ll spend less time digging through boxes for the stuff you need.

4.  Eat Healthier Meals

Making positive changes in your diet for the new year starts with unpacking your kitchen as soon as possible. Hit the grocery store and stock up on healthy foods. This will ensure you aren’t tempted to drive through the nearest fast food joint, starting the year off on the wrong foot. Cook healthy and cook often!

5.  Volunteer More

Many people wish to get more involved with their community when faced with a brand new year. Volunteering is the perfect way to feel more connected to your neighborhood, plus it will get you out there meeting new people and making friends. Check out the local soup kitchens and food drives, and sign up to volunteer once a week or once a month.

6.  Go on Excursions

Once you’ve moved and are all settled in, plan little road trips in and around your town to get to know the area better. Visit tourist attractions, famous landmarks, museums, and parks. Be sure to hit local favorites off the beaten path in addition to proven cultural hubs.

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