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Different Types of Boxes and Their Uses

Moving requires a lot of organization and patience. To avoid being stressed, you’ll have to be careful about how you pack your belongings. There are lots of different types of moving boxes to help you pack efficiently. Here’s a look at the most popular ones and their uses.

Different Types of Moving Boxes

The cardboard box is the work horse of the moving box industry, but it’s not the only one. However, before you pack a single thing, be sure to de-clutter your belongings first so you don’t bring stuff you don’t need. Apartment Therapy has a bunch of great tips for de-cluttering to check out.

Corrugated carton

Sturdy, corrugated cartons come in various sizes, and they are ideal for packing breakable items such as knick-knacks, plates, vases, plates, and China. Some even come with dividers for wine bottles, for example. Wrap each piece in packing paper or newspaper to add extra cushion.

Cardboard boxes

These are lighter and less sturdy than corrugated boxes, which means they’re great for packing small items, such as books, toys, electronics, and kitchen gadgets.

Plastic boxes

The most sturdy of all the boxes, plastic boxes are also the most expensive. They can hold lots of heavy stuff, but make sure you get the kind with snap-on lids.

Hanging wardrobe boxes

These boxes are meant for moving your clothing on hangers, particularly dresses, suits and fancy clothes. If you want your nice clothing transported without wrinkles, this is the way to go.

Lay Down Wardrobe Moving Box

Resembling a dresser drawer, lay down wardrobe boxes can hold clothing you only have to fold over once – also for minimal wrinkling. Don’t put heavy items in this box.

Mirror moving boxes

Packing mirrors can be stressful because of the risk of breakage. Not only could a shattered mirror be very costly, it can injure anyone with its shards. Mirror boxes come in many sizes, so choose the ones you need to fit your bathroom mirrors, bedroom mirrors and living room mirrors. Tape an X over the glass to prevent shattering.

Custom moving boxes

If you have items that won’t fit in a standard sized box, such as for TVs, you will need a custom moving box.

Keep the Original Packaging

If you have saved the original boxes or packaging that your large items, such as computers or appliances, came in, use those to pack the item. If you didn’t save these boxes, make a note for the future. You will be glad you did when it comes time to move again.

Packing Tips

Packing sounds easy but it’s really not. You have to be methodical in how you pack items into the appropriate boxes, of course. But the most important thing is to label your boxes in as much detail as possible. This will help your movers out as they know where to put the boxes in the new house.

It will also help as you unpack so you can quickly and easily know what is in each box. Use markers to label each box, detailing the items and the room the box should go to.

Check Your Packing Job

Before you tape up the boxes, check to make sure you packed it right. Gently shake the box to see if there is any shifting. If so, stuff packing paper in the gaps. This will prevent damage during transport. Then you are safe to tape up the box.

Make a List

Creating an inventory of your stuff before you pack it is wise. Not only will you have an easier time when it comes to unpacking, it will help you keep track of all your belongings and that everything made it over unscathed. Make note of the condition of each item, as well, and take photos of antiques, jewelry and other expensive items. It’s also a good idea to buy extra insurance for these items beforehand.

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