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Do’s and Don’ts of Moving to Fort Worth

For a major life change like moving to Fort Worth, it helps to have solid moving advice.

Great advice can be divided into two categories. Anyone making a move to Fort Worth needs to know what to do – however, it’s also important to know what not to do.

Moving is a very sensitive and orderly process. It’s a procedure that must be handled in a strategic manner, both in terms of the order of steps performed and how they’re carried out. It’s easy to make mistakes, and avoiding these missteps is as important as making the right moves.

Our Fort Worth moving company has been serving customers’ moving needs for nearly two decades – so today we’ll discuss the do’s and don’ts of the moving process.

What Not to Do During Your Move to Fort Worth

It can be exciting when you realize you’re moving to Fort Worth – after all, the area is one of the finest spots in all of Texas, with tons to do. It’s no wonder it attracts people from all walks of life.

We’ll start the list with what you shouldn’t do. Mistakes can set your moving process back, cost you extra money, and generally add stress to the situation. By avoiding these common errors, you’re already getting your move off on the right track.

Don’t: Take Items You Don’t Need

This one may seem self explanatory at first, but it’s an easy oversight to make. The reason is because people get so focused on not forgetting anything, they overlook the fact that they might not actually need everything. Some items can be left behind temporarily or altogether, like:

  • Non-seasonal clothing items
  • Large furniture that you don’t want to transport
  • Equipment for an old job you’re leaving
  • Items that are broken or in poor condition

If you take items you don’t need, you add time, costs, stress, and risk to the move. It’s more to keep up with, more to unpack, and more to worry about.

Remember there’s always the option to transfer the items later if you want them. Best to travel light now, so you can expedite the move and make it easier on yourself and anyone helping you. This leads to our next point.

Don’t: Try to Move By Yourself

Moving is a very personal task. It’s understandable that a person would be very selective about who touches their property and who gets access to their location, both the one they’re leaving and the one they’re heading to.

However, trying to handle the move by yourself is very counterproductive. You may think you’re protecting your property, guarding your privacy, and ensuring the move is done your way. But you should ask yourself:

  • How long will it take you to handle everything alone?
  • Do you have the means to get heavy or fragile items moved?
  • Will going solo delay your move or leave you feeling exhausted?

It may feel like a risk to bring outsiders in to assist with your move, but it can actually be one of the best decisions you can make when relocating to Fort Worth. This decision can benefit both you and others around you. Speaking of…

Don’t: Ask Friends or Family for Help

Some may say that sure, moving is a task that shouldn’t be handled alone, but what about enlisting the help of people that you know and trust? How about your own family, or your close friends or your neighbors?

The problem is that moving isn’t as much a personal task as a professional task. It takes proper training to do correctly. Without the right skillset, a person transporting your property could damage it. Or worse, they could injure themselves.

This doesn’t just go for moving heavy items, either. Even moving a large quantity of boxes can result in exhaustion-induced mistakes that cause property or bodily damage. No need to put this on your family before you all move, or let it be your friends’ or neighbors’ last memory of you.

Don’t: Forget About the Moving Supplies

While it takes the right set of skills to move items, it’s also about having the right tools for the job. Sometimes people get so focused on gathering their own belongings, they forget about gathering up items to protect those belongings.

Consider the importance of having:

  • Properly sized boxes and totes
  • Wraps and padding to protect items
  • Carts and straps for heavier items

There’s also covers for your floors, stairs, and doorways. And don’t forget a properly sized truck, along with ramps to maneuver items aboard.

When you’re first planning on moving to Fort Worth, you should be considering where you could find moving supplies. Trying to track them down the day of the move or just before could result in you having to improvise or use subpar materials, which puts your property at risk.

Don’t: Wait to Get Set Up

Speaking of waiting until the last minute, it’s easy to delay getting your new home set up. This isn’t about finding the perfect spot for each piece of furniture or decorating the residence. It’s more about handling all those smaller tasks that have a huge impact on your new home.

How about rerouting your mail so you don’t miss out on any important letters or package deliveries? Or changing your tax withholding and switching utilities off at one location then on at the other?

Trying to do all this upon arrival or in the days leading up to your move can add stress to the situation, and sometimes lead to mistakes being made. Since this part of our list is all about avoiding mistakes, give yourself extra time to handle these tasks.

Better yet, if you hire a Fort Worth moving company to handle packing and loading for you, you’ll have more time to manage these tasks yourself.

What You Should Always Do When Moving to Fort Worth

Once you’ve steered clear of the most common moving mistakes, you can instead focus your energy on making the right moves.

These tips work during any type of relocation, whether you’re making a Texas-wide move or a local move to Fort Worth. No matter if it’s a new home, new job, or just desire for new scenery that’s motivating your move, the process will always be smoother once you take these steps.

Do: Downsize Before You Go

We mentioned that you don’t want to travel with more than you need. So what’s the ideal solution for those unnecessary items?

You could put them in storage. Our Fort Worth movers are happy to pack your items up for storage just as we would for transport to your new home. You may be storing them if you plan to bring them later, or if you want to dispose of them.

Disposing of them doesn’t always mean trashing them, either. If this is the case, you should always recycle. But if the items are in good condition, you could sell them to gain some extra money for your move to Fort Worth, or even donate them.

Do: Research the Fort Worth Area

Moving brings a sense of newness that can induce excitement or anxiety, depending on how you’ve prepared.

If there’s one way to make your destination more inviting, it’s to get familiar with it first. You should research the most important factors, so you have the fundamentals of the area learned upon arrival. These include:

  • The location of doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals
  • New schools for your children, or the location of your new workplace
  • Grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, and other essential locations

The essentials may also depend on what type of move you’re making. For example, if you’re making a commercial move to Fort Worth, learn where the local Chamber of Commerce is.

Whether you’re making a commercial or residential move in Fort Worth, remember life’s not all work and no play – research fun things to do so you and your family can get your spirits up upon arriving in your new city.

Do: Prepare Yourself and Your Family

Speaking of keeping your spirits up, let’s not forget to mention that moving is a very emotional process. Sure, you may be making this trip because the destination is worth it. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have mixed feelings about leaving your current home.

Maybe you’re walking away from some great memories or some great neighbors. If so, you should take the time to prepare yourself mentally. This could involve being mindful, practicing gratitude for the chance to relocate, and taking pictures of your old home so you can always keep the memories with you.

You should also be close with your family during this time. Consider doing activities together – and if being at home stirs up too many emotions, consider going out for walks or to dinner more in the days leading up to the move, so you can ease yourself out of the environment.

Do: Find the Right Moving Partner

We mentioned how you shouldn’t move yourself or have those close to you do it. But it’s not enough just to hire a moving company, you need to make sure you find the right one.

The first thing to do is to look for their credentials. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Are they licensed and insured?
  • Are they BBB accredited?
  • Do they have awards?
  • Do they have positive feedback?
  • Do they have a good amount of experience?

You should also consider whether the moving company in question specializes in your desired type of move. For example, if you’re making a Fort Worth apartment move, you want a moving company that’s familiar moving items in these compact quarters.

With the right moving partner, it’s much easier to plan your move and feel confident in the process. This brings us to the final, and arguably the most important tip for making a seamless move to Fort Worth.

Do: Allow Yourself Extra Time

Except for those rare instances where circumstances require you to move on very limited notice, it’s always possible to make this process easier by planning ahead.

This time can be used for research, emotional preparation, shopping around for moving companies, and all the other points we’ve talked about on this list. But another important aspect of planning ahead is that you can guard yourself against the unexpected.

When you’re relocating to Fort Worth, you may feel like your life is being uprooted and put into a temporary state of flux. Ideally, you want everything to run as smoothly as possible during this time. Unexpected road blocks can be especially jarring when your life is in transition like this, and more time to adjust is always beneficial.

How can you give yourself this additional time? One simple way is to reach out to your chosen Fort Worth moving company quicker. The more time there is to plan your move, the easier it is to adjust to changes and navigate around the unexpected.

Moving to Fort Worth? Call Luke’s Moving

Moving is the type of process that represents a bridge to a new place in life – both literally and figuratively. When you’re heading towards a new location, you need a moving partner that understands both the destination and the journey there.

Luke’s Moving Services is a top relocation expert in the Fort Worth metro area. Our talented team has been in business for well over a decade, and we’ve built a track record of excellence that exceeds customer expectations.

When you work with our skilled organization, you get access to:

  • Licensed, trained, and highly skilled movers
  • An insured operation for added property protection
  • Quality moving supplies and moving trucks
  • Packing, loading, and transport services

Add in the fact that we’re rated an A+ with the BBB and we’ve received multiple awards, and you’ve got a Fort Worth moving company that you can rely on.

Don’t try to move alone or wait until the last second to get everything organized. Our team will handle the heavy lifting for you so you can make this process smooth and orderly, allowing you to head toward your destination and this next chapter with joy and confidence.

Connect with us today for a free moving estimate – the faster you reach out, the sooner we can begin planning and prioritizing your move to Fort Worth.