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How Long Does it Take to Move?

The answer to this question depends on a lot of factors, from the size and distance of the move to how much time you can devote to it. A residential move of any size is a time-consuming process. Creating lists will help you in determining major milestones so you can keep track of where you’re at throughout the process.

Here’s a guideline so you can figure out how much time your move will take in general. Just be prepared for delays and glitches – it can happen with any move.

Move Planning and Preparation

Start planning as soon as you can. Give yourself the most time possible to get the basics in order. This will set the stage for the rest of your move. It’s best to start planning two months in advance if you can.

Sort and Downsize

Go through your belongings, purging what you no longer need. By spending some time now purging the clutter, you can tack on more time towards the end of the move. Plus, you’re making it easier on yourself by only packing what you need. Try to get this phase done within one week.

Hire a Reputable Moving Company

As soon as you have a moving date in mind, call a few movers to get rates and services. Booking your mover early will help structure the move. It’s important to book your movers as soon as you can, especially if you’re moving at a peak time such as summer or over the holidays. Even weekends are busier and more expensive than week days.

Pack Your Stuff

Pack room by room, labeling as you go. Keep all boxes in their designated room till moving day. This will reduce clutter and keep things organized. Start packing the lesser-used items first, advises Unpakt. This includes out-of-season clothing, already-read books, small appliances, and fancy dishes. Move on to the daily items as you get closer to the move.

Label boxes on all sides and the top. Be clear about the contents. You’ll be doing yourself a favor when it comes time to unpack everything.

Try to pack all daily essentials a few days before moving day. Begin four weeks early and finish at least a couple days prior to the big day.

Loading the Truck

Even though you’ve hired movers, it’s still helpful to learn how long this process takes. It will help you budget your time on moving day so you can prioritize tasks and come up with a timeline. Here’s how long it takes professional movers to load their trucks, in general:

  • 10-foot truck: Less than an hour
  • 24-foot truck: Four hours
  • 26-foot truck: Four and a half hours

Be sure to add on more time if you have a complicated property or entry way, such as a multi-floor walk-up with no elevator.

Arrival and Unloading

Once the movers arrive at the new home, the task of unloading begins. Unloading generally takes a bit more time than loading because the movers must haul everything out of the truck and put it in the right place. If you have clearly labeled your boxes, the movers can deposit them in the appropriate room, making your job easier.

In general, here is the amount of time it takes for movers to unload the truck:

  • Studio or one-bedroom apartment: Two to three hours
  • Three- to four-bedroom house: Seven hours
  • Five+ bedroom house: Eight to 10 hours

Unpacking and Settling In

If you labeled your boxes and packed your items correctly, you should have a relatively easy time of getting everything where it needs to be. Now that the movers are gone, you can start to relax and tackle the process of unpacking at your leisure. If you took time off work, you can spread the unpacking process out over several days.

If you have to get the kids to school and get back to work right away, you will need to speed things up. Get everyone involved, and delegate tasks so they get done fast. Try to unpack one room a day, or set a goal of 10 boxes a day. Taking things step by step will ensure a lower stress level for all.

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