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How to Get Packing Boxes for Free for Your Move

Are you moving houses on a tight budget? Would you like to learn how to get packing boxes for free?

Packing boxes are the most versatile among the packing materials. They come in so many sizes and qualities and can be used for packing almost anything from books to glass and even paintings. You need plenty of them for your move.

Before every move you should try to get your hand on how many ever free packing boxes you can find. This will save you a lot of money.

Therefore, I am going to show you how to get packing boxes for free in this post…

Don’t throw them away:

People send so much mail a day. Among many of the paper parcels there will be a few items delivered to you in cardboard boxes. You should save these cardboard boxes instead of discarding them. You should begin doing this as soon as you know you are moving. If you have been planning to buy some big items online, then now is the time to do it as you will get a free box along with the item.
Also have a look in the attic. You might have some boxes there already which will give you a head start.

Ask your friends to help you too:

Ask your friends, relatives and neighbors to help you collect boxes. Ask them to save cardboard boxes that are delivered to them. If they have saved some in the past see if they would be willing to part with them.

Visit warehouses and stores:

You must have noticed that most stores and warehouses are full of cardboard boxes as they receive a lot of items in them. They usually discard them after use. Many would be ready to give them to you instead of throwing them away. If a big store agrees you should have enough boxes for your entire move in no time.

This is how you get packing boxes for free. Another item you can obtain for free is bubble wrap. You should take steps to collect these too. After you finish using these items you should either give them away to people who will need them or get them recycled.