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How to Move From a House to an Apartment

The usual progression is to upgrade from an apartment to a house, but sometimes the opposite is true. Perhaps you need to downsize due to budget concerns, maybe you’re moving out of your parents’ home for the first time, maybe you’re getting divorced, or maybe you just want to lead more of a minimalist lifestyle. Whatever the case, moving from a house to an apartment is possible with a bit of de-cluttering and a plan to hire a professional mover.

Start Planning Early

As soon as you have found an apartment, have sold your home, and have a moving date, start planning. Measure each room of the new place or obtain floorplans so you can plan out which of your favorite furniture items you can take with you. If they can’t fit, some things will have to go. If your new apartment complex has a separate storage unit for you to use, take measurements of it.

Ask about the apartment complex’s rules regarding large gatherings, grilling, curfews and parking. Is there a social room or clubhouse where you can hold parties, for instance? Does the landlord allow pets?

Get Rid of Junk

Because you’re likely downsizing quite a bit, it’s not practical to bring all your stuff with you. You will save money with the fewer things you have to transport, so now is the time to declutter. Go through each room one by one and consider which things are important and useful enough to take with you, and which things you should sell, throw out or donate.

It can be tough to part with things you may have grown attached to. This is why it’s important to start early. Give yourself some time to come to terms with the process, carefully review each item and make a thoughtful decision. As a general rule, you will want to keep expensive high-end furnishings, jewelry, valuables, and designer clothing. Sell things you no longer want online or hold a yard sale. Or, you could drop off things at the local thrift store for charity.

Sentimental items are harder to part with. You may not be able to take everything with you. If you have a box of baby clothes from your kids, save just one or two items, take a picture of the rest, and add to a scrapbook. If you donate the rest, at least you will know they are going to a good home.

One perk about minimizing is that you are likely moving into a complex that has a picnic area, grills, clubhouse, pool and gym. This means you don’t have to take your grill and accessories, gym equipment or pool supplies with you, allowing you to declutter even more.

Make it Your Own

A move to a smaller space gives you the chance to reinvent yourself and your living areas. Take the opportunity to refresh your decor, add energy to the space and add pops of color to the walls (if you are allowed). Put framed photos on the walls, add accent pieces such as throw rugs and pillows, and embrace your style.

Go Heavy on the Storage

With limited space to display stuff, you’ll have to invest in a lot of good storage products to store items in the off season. This includes bins, shelves, containers, hangers, hooks and baskets. Put similar things together. Label everything. Purchase multi-functional furniture, such as an ottoman that doubles as a storage space for blankets, or a futon that can be a couch during the day and a bed at night.

You can save space on clothing, too. Fold items vertically and then roll them up into balls before placing them in your dresser drawers. Now, you have a drawer that displays every single item in a highly visible way for easy selection.

Set Up Hobby Spaces

To fully embrace the relocation, set up areas for your hobbies, such as a table for jewelry-making, crafts, or puzzles. Or make a little nook complete with seating to enjoy your book collection. Get out and explore the neighborhood and embrace what it has to offer you.

It isn’t always easy to downsize from a house to an apartment. There are many logistics, functional and sentimental challenges. But with the right plan and the right people behind you, you can handle it in stride.

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