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Moving from Fort Worth to Austin

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a place where your life is like a movie, and each experience plays a different soundtrack? Hailed as the live music capital of the world, Austin is indeed a wonderful place to live. With its world-class museums, monthly music festivals, and the most delectable cuisines — and that’s not even half of it.

Don’t be surprised when you hear someone yell at the top of their lungs: “Keep Austin Weird!” This is a unique motto manifesting their Bohemian and liberal lifestyle despite being the capital of Texas. Because of this relaxed living atmosphere, Austin has become one of the most populous cities in Texas and 11th in the country.

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moving from fort worth to austin texas moving truck

Life in Austin, Texas

Moving to Austin sounds like a dream, and for the following reasons.

Booming Job Market

If you’re moving to Austin alone, you won’t have to worry about getting a job. The booming job market is one of the things you can look forward to, with Google and Tesla coming in to offer even more employment opportunities. The job growth in Austin has been predicted to skyrocket in the next few years.

So if you’re looking for a promising career, try moving to Austin and see the great opportunities for yourself.

Zero State Income Tax

One of the best parts of moving from Fort Worth to Austin is the lack of income tax. This means that your take-home pay will be higher, and you can elevate your lifestyle while living in one of the best cities in the country. Zero taxes and great employment opportunities means moving to Austin truly is a worthwhile decision anyone can make.

Live Music Scene

Austin didn’t get its title as the live music capital of the U.S. for nothing. This title can be attributed mainly to the two largest music festivals held there: South by Southwest and Austin City Limits. These festivals play almost all genres of music imaginable — but their top favorites are electronic, alternative, and indie music.

Aside from these amazing festivals, Austin also has various venues for music festivals and all the musical genres you can think of all year round. Don’t be surprised when you spot a renowned artist in a tiny coffee shop singing their top hits. Austin is indeed the best place for listening to live music as you sip on your favorite coffee or cocktail — or perhaps both.

Topnotch Educational Institutions

Everyone in the country has already heard about the stellar reputation of the University of Texas and other education institutions in Austin. If you’re wondering whether your present or future children will get a good education in Austin, know that there are 100 private schools, 27 charter school districts, and 29 public school districts in the city. These are on top of the 26 private universities and colleges you can find in Austin.

You’ll have plenty of options to choose from wherever you’re planning to live in the city.

Advanced Technology

If you are seeking a job in the technology sector, you’re in the right place when you move to Austin. Their technological advancement has been phenomenal even before Google and Tesla decided to make a mark in Austin. Competitive wages and an influx of tech-related jobs make the city an ideal location for fresh graduates or those who are planning to start a business.

Various Ways to Cool Off

Austin is an undeniably hot city, with temperatures reaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. One can say that investing in a swimming pool sounds like a reasonable choice when you live in Austin. But worry not; thanks to their natural resources, such as Barton Springs, you can easily cool off from the scorching weather and bond with family and friends.

Austin is also replete with lakes, and who wouldn’t want to chill during the summer in one of the scenic and breathtaking lakes of Austin?

The Food — Particularly the Barbeque

Barbeque deserves a separate category in this list because Austinites take their barbeque seriously. Their barbeque is one of the most flavorful foods you’ll ever taste, with its signature sauces and specific ways of grilling. There are famous barbeque places in the city such as the Franklin Barbeque, where people stand and wait outside for hours just to experience this mouthwatering masterpiece.

Austin’s tacos are also a must-try, and you can find them in almost all restaurants and food trucks in the city. Everywhere you’ll look, you’re sure to find a nice, big food truck.

Genuine Friendship

Austinites are the friendliest and warmest people you’ll ever meet. People are not judgmental, and they wholeheartedly accept newcomers with open arms. Their signature southern hospitality is also one of the things that make them the best city to live in. It’s not at all difficult to blend in and socialize with the locals. Most of the time, they’ll get to you first.

Locals will strike up conversations and even tell you about how great of a city Austin is. You’ll love the city and its people the longer you stay.

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