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The Many Uses of Containers for Your Denton Move

Plastic containers and bins are a godsend to those who are moving. They’re much sturdier than those cardboard boxes you pick up at the grocery store, they retain their shape, and they’re able to be securely shut and locked. Here at Luke’s Moving Services, we specialize in residential moves in and around Denton. Home to 136,000, Denton is a college town known for its active live music scene, diverse cultures, and rich history.

Check out these ways that containers can provide optimal storage and moving solutions for you.

Kitchen Storage

It’s easy to keep your kitchen clean when using plastic containers, where you can keep both perishables and dry goods safe from the elements.

Mobile Tool Kits

If you are a handyman or woman with a workshop at home, use containers to store and organize your tools – both for the move itself and for storage in the new place. Place different types and sizes of tools into different colored bins for easy access.

Computer Parts

Tablets and smartphones, as well as their many associated extra cables, remotes and accessories, can easily be stored in plastic containers for safety. You can be assured that you’re A/V equipment, computer monitors and other devices will be cushioned properly for the move as well as protected from the elements.


Whether in your home or in your office, you no doubt have a large collection of files and documents. All of this paperwork can be stored neatly in large plastic bins that are stackable and lockable. Before you start packing documents, though, go through them all and get rid of anything older than three years. By now, most of your files should be stored digitally anyway. By weeding through your documents before the move, you can save time and storage space later.

Off-Season Clothing Storage

Plastic bins are ideal for moving all your clothing to your new house initially, but why not just keep the off-season clothing in there till you need it? This safe, clean system keeps your clothes away from humidity, pests, and the effects of temperature changes while not in use.

Holiday Decorations

Plastic bins make great moving and storage solutions for all your holiday décor. Purchase color coded bins to signify each holiday so you can easily grab the one you need in your new home, i.e., red for Christmas, pink for Valentine’s Day, green for St. Patrick’s Day, orange for Halloween, etc.

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