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Tips to Choosing the Right Moving Insurance

What steps do you take while choosing the right moving insurance?

It takes a lot of time and money to buy the perfect furniture, electrical devices and other objects for your home. It can be a stressful time to watch them being transported as you never know what can happen to them, no matter how fantastic the moving company you hired is. Luckily many good moving companies offer moving insurance which will ensure that your belongings are protected. The options available will depend on the moving company. Here’s a quick guide to help you in choosing the right moving insurance…

Moving Valuation:

By law, moving companies are required to offer moving valuation. This doesn’t cost anything extra and comes free with the whole moving package. The only problem with this insurance is that it doesn’t offer complete cover. Valuation is usually fixed at 60 cents per pound. This can be extremely low if you are transporting delicate and expensive items like television sets. People usually go with this option if they completely trust the moving company. For those who find this risky, there’s always additional moving insurance.

Additional moving insurance:

Additional moving insurance also know as Full Value Protection or Declared Value Protection can help you get more protection for your belongings. You will need to pay extra for this type of insurance though. The value of this insurance can be fixed per pound or cost of the item. Not all moving companies will offer this insurance directly, but you can always use the insurance offered by a third party moving company. The moving company that is transporting your belongings might be able to refer you to a moving insurance company if they don’t offer it. Just make sure you verify the credibility of this company.


Choose your moving insurance depending upon the items you are transporting and the moving company that is transporting them. If a moving company you trust is transporting your items and the items aren’t very expensive then moving valuation insurance should do. But if you are transporting them via a moving company you have no experience with and your items are fairly expensive, then the best option is to opt for additional moving insurance. You might have to pay more, but you will feel more secure as your belongings will surely be protected.

What steps should people take while choosing the right moving insurance? We would like to hear your thoughts. Please leave your comments below.