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Ways to Avoid Common Moving Mistakes in Hurst

There’s a lot of pressure associated with moving. You not only have to prepare yourself and your family for the impending move, you have to find a new house, job, school, doctor and more. This can lead to mistakes when packing and planning for your move in Hurst, a city in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area home to 40,000.

Whether you’re moving a block away or to a nearby town, the tension that comes with any size move can be huge. It takes a lot of hard work, preparation, patience, and yes, money to tackle a relocation. You could spend a few months tending to every detail only to end up making a costly mistake anyway.

Here are the top moving mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1.    Not Using a Checklist

The secret to any flawless move is organization and preparation. You should come up with a system of how you will handle every step of the process, like picking up moving supplies, packing, hiring a Hurst mover, and more. It’s easy to get caught up in the details if you don’t have the big picture in mind. A checklist of what you have to do and what you have already accomplished can help immensely.

Having a strategy will help you prioritize projects, saving you time and energy in the end. Break all chores down into subtasks that you can cross off when you’ve finished them.

2.    Packing at the Last Minute

This is a common mistake many people make. No one likes to pack. It takes a lot of time and concentration. But this is a critical moving responsibility that you must devote the proper attention to or you will risk forgetting something or damaging something. Give yourself plenty of time to devote to this task. Go room by room and box up everything you won’t need right now. Save the main areas like kitchens and bathrooms for last.

Give yourself extra time for fragile and delicate items. Simply don’t have the time? Ask your Hurst movers to pack for you.

3.    Hoarding Items

Before you even think about packing, sift through all your belongings and make note of what goes and what stays. For unwanted stuff, give it away, sell it or donate it. You want to make sure you’re only bringing the essentials, or else you’re just wasting time and money.

4.    Failing to Make a No-Pack Zone

Designate one room as a no-pack zone. This will contain all the stuff you don’t want to pack – at least not yet. When the movers arrive, they are fast and will grab anything within reach to bring out to the truck. To avoid having your water bottle, book for the ride, or first-night bag packed up in the truck, designate a no-pack zone, advises Better Homes and Gardens.

5.    DIY’ing the Move

You may be tempted to save money by handling your own move. This isn’t wise for many reasons. Not only will the move take longer with you at the helm, you risk your back and neck and that of anyone who helps you. You also risk damaging your belongings. No one wants to help you move – not even for promises of beer and pizza.

Do yourself a favor and hire a professional mover in Hurst. They can get the job done in a fraction of the time, with minimal risk of damage. You could end up spending more money with a DIY move because you have to pay for all the supplies and equipment, as well as a rental truck. And if anything breaks, you have to pay to replace it.

6.    Failing to Consider Your New Neighbors

Before you move into the new home, consider the convenience of your new neighbors. Figure out where the movers should park so it doesn’t block anyone’s yard or driveway. If you can, let your neighbors know in advance that you’re moving so they can be prepared. Moving day can be very disruptive to a neighborhood, so take precautions now and your neighbors will thank you later.

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