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What to do When You Have to Move in a Hurry

If you’re lucky, you have a few months’ notice to start planning a move. If you are going through a divorce, were notified of a sudden job transfer, or have been evicted from your apartment, luck (and time) may not be on your side. When you have to move faster than you were expecting, it can add another layer of stress to your relocation.

We understand – it’s never easy to move out on short notice. When under pressure, it’s not always possible to calm down and take things slow. But here are some helpful tips to get you through a quick yet hassle-free move.

Think About Logistics

With any last-minute move, each task may seem overwhelming and difficult to accomplish. When you step back and see everything you have to do in a short period of time, it can cause you to start panicking. Try to remain calm and take a methodical approach.

Start with logistics. How and when will you move? Save yourself even more stress by hiring a moving company in Fort Worth rather than rent your own truck. Movers can take care of all the logistics, heavy lifting and packing for you, freeing up other more important tasks for you to focus on.

Don’t Pack Everything

Why pack stuff you do not need? Designate an area for boxes of donations and boxes of trash. Sort things into these boxes, as well as a “keep” pile as you go. You can add a “sell” box to the mix, but when time’s not on your side, it can be difficult to think of anything that could slow the process down, says Unpakt.

Come Up With a Plan

Once your movers are hired and you have a moving date, start coming up with a list of tasks that need to be done by a certain time. It can be helpful to create a moving checklist where you write down everything that must be done and put them in chronological order. This list should include tasks such as notifying your child’s school of their last day.

Get Rid of Anything You Don’t Need

Quick yet efficient packing is critical in a last-minute move. The less you pack, the easier the unpacking process will be in the new home. Take this time to go through your house and get rid of what you don’t need. If you haven’t worn something in at least a year, get rid of it.

The mementoes will be a bit harder to part with, but you know you can’t keep everything – even if it does hold memories that are near and dear to your heart. Stay focused and think logically, rather than sentimentally. Save only the items that you absolutely can’t part with. For the rest, you can always take photos of them and get rid of the actual item, compiling the photos into a scrapbook later.

Pack an Essentials Bag

Grab a small duffel bag and put anything you will need for the first day or two. From a change of clothes and chargers to medications and toiletries, this will allow you to save time later rummaging through boxes of stuff to find your critical items. Now that you have this bag packed, you can start packing everything else.

Don’t Overthink

We know. It’s easier said than done. You don’t have the time for methodical, strict organization when moving in a hurry. Your main goal is to get everything out of your existing house and into your new place without losing or breaking anything. If you have come up with a plan or list beforehand, this part should go smoothly.

Just don’t take time thinking about every single item and wrapping it meticulously – unless it’s fragile. Put things where they fit. Not everything in one box has to have a theme, although it’s helpful. Try to label each box as best you can, but again, don’t take too much time on this step.

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When moving in a hurry, you need professional movers behind you to ensure the process goes smoothly. You don’t want to add to your stress by neglecting to hire the right movers. We can expertly handle your relocation in Fort Worth no matter how quickly it has to happen. Call us for a free quote at 817-409-8982!