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Your Guide to Highland Park

Got a move to Highland Park coming up? Great choice. You will love living in this wealthy and beautiful neighborhood of Dallas TX, featuring small-town charm and tree-lined avenues – not to mention some pretty impressive homes. But aside from looks, Highland Park also features some of the best schools in the state. For these reasons and more, this community draws in thousands of residents and tourists every year.

When moving to Highland Park, you have to do your due diligence when it comes to what to expect. That’s what we’re here for. Luke’s Moving handles many moves in and around Highland Park, so you can rest assured we know what we’re talking about. Here’s a brief guide on Highland Park and its offerings. It’s our job to get you acclimated to the area so you know exactly what to expect when you arrive. It’s important to book local movers who know the neighborhoods, downtown areas, side streets and highways like we do.

A Bit About HP

Many people simply love the walkability and safety of the community’s tree-lined streets, which are regularly patrolled by the police department here. The public schools are top-notch, but so are the private schools, giving students an exceptional education at all levels.

The fact that it’s only home to 9,000 people makes it all the more charming. Located in central Dallas County, HP is just four miles from downtown Dallas – which makes it a great commuter location. You can easily get into and out of the big city while enjoying the peace and tranquility of the suburbs.

It’s bordered on three sides by Dallas and on the north by University Park. Together, they comprise what is known as the Park Cities. Highland Park is not only the most affluent city in all of Texas – it’s also ranked the seventh richest place in the country. Fun fact: Highland Park got put on the map in the 1980s when the hugely popular TV show Dallas shot on location here.

Home Values in Highland Park

The median home value here is $1.7 million, with about 3,600 total homes and apartments throughout. The average rent falls around $3900 a month, with 83% of homes being single families with four bedrooms. The median household income in Highland Park is $211,000 per year, which is much more than the nation’s median annual income of $66,000.

Highland Park features majestic, unique and impressive Mid-Century Craftsman style homes (Lummis Home is one example). With so many old and historic homes here, it’s a good thing that they have been preserved and landmarked over the decades. You’ll find that most houses for sale here are either single-family residences, townhouses, or luxury condos.

But you’ll find lots of eclectic choices when it comes to home styles, ranging from contemporary and historic to elegant and charming.

School Ratings

Highland Park has scored a 98.6 rating out of 100 for the health of its public school system, proud to rank #42 in the state. This score is based on anything from college readiness and graduation rate to math and reading proficiency.

The Highland Park Independent School District is a highly-rated, public school district with 6,864 students in grades PK -12. There’s a student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1, with approximately 82% of students being proficient or more in math and 83% being proficient or more in reading.

Dining and Shopping

Due to the central location of Highland Park, locals can quickly access all the area bars and nightclubs that dot nearby Uptown, Downtown, and Knox-Henderson. Happy hour is a big thing here, with many clubs and pubs offering enticements. The food is varied and delicious, as you would expect for Texas. As for shopping, you can’t miss Highland Park Village, which is the oldest outdoor mall in the country. You’ll want to hit up this place if you like luxury goods and designer labels like Gucci, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, and Jimmy Choo.

Moving Tips for Highland Park

Now that you’re definitely moving to this wealthy enclave, here are some tips to follow so you can get here smoothly.

De-Clutter Now, Pack Later

It’s not only overwhelming, but it’s also expensive to pack up every single thing you own into boxes and bags. Save yourself the hassle by paring down your belongings now while cutting back on the clutter. Purging at this stage is good, because it allows you to only bring what you truly need. If you find you actually needed something, you can also buy it again once you move.  With less to pack, there’s less to unpack.

Make a Moving Folder

In this folder, keep all documents that have your new addresses, mortgage papers, moving contracts, wills, birth certificates, and records of payments in one folder. It’s wise to have both digital and paper copies of these. Keep these on your person during the move.

Book Your Highland Park Movers Early

Once you have a moving date, call a few movers to ask for free quotes. You can narrow down your search from there, focusing on competitively-priced movers who are skilled in Highland Park moves specifically.

Schedule Utilities

Call your utility company to schedule a service switch so everything will be ready to go once you move out and in. This includes heat, AC, electricity, water and cable. Keep these records in your moving folder.

Take the Essentials With You

Pack one bag per person filled with essentials like a change of clothes, prescriptions, contact lenses, pajamas, a toothbrush, stuffed animals or toys, paperwork, OTC medications, and chargers. Keep these on you so you will have them in the event of a moving company delay.

Contact Luke’s Moving

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