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Combining a Household? Here are 7 Tips

Bringing two households together is no easy task. However, it is an exciting and happy time as you bring your two loves together: a new spouse and their family, and your own children. If you’re facing the merging of two households, the task can be made much easier if you prepare for the transition well ahead of time. Especially if you are moving statewide, the challenges can be two-fold.

Follow these seven tips to ensure a smooth transition.

1.  Get Organized

Pack each room separately, placing items from each room into appropriate boxes and labeling them with the destination room. Sit down with your partner and discuss which items you will use together and which ones you will get rid of. There’s no need to have duplicates of everything, especially when it comes to kitchen utensils and appliances. Keeping two of everything will only increase the cost of your move due to a higher volume of items that must be moved.

2.  Sell and Donate


Sell off the larger items or donate them to charity, such as duplicate washing machines, dryers, fridges and microwaves.

3.  Measure the Space

Whether you’re moving into a new home or one your partner already occupies, it’s important to know just how much space you have for your stuff. Measure each room and take stock of what you have for furniture. The bedroom set you’ve had since you were a teen may not fit into the new bedroom.

Talk about your goals for furniture and décor. You may decide that instead of a mish-mash of furniture styles, you want to get rid of all the old stuff and purchase new matching sets. Compromising makes the process easier, with the end goal being that everyone feels happy and comfortable in their new digs.

4.  Find a Reliable Mover

Next up: find a reliable mover who can handle your type of move. The moving experts you choose can not only move your stuff but pack it up for you as well. This will relieve some of the stress of dealing with how to combine two households so you can spend more time together or with the kids.

5.  Start Packing

Start packing well ahead of time. Remember, you have two households to manage. Involve the kids and have them pack their own rooms. Use sturdy boxes and always label. With so many people in both households, it can be extremely confusing to know which box goes where.

6.  Make Some Changes

Combining two homes into one means you’ll have to make some changes and updates. You should both contact your respective utility companies at your existing homes to provide them with the new address. If your utility company will be changing, you will have to cancel service and find a new company at the new home. Let the post office know of your change of address and send your new address and phone number to your friends and family.

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